Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 20...

Hey Parents and Friends,
I cannot believe 5 days remain in our Term 1 25 day term!!! It's so weird how fast the summer goes! I'm sure for some of you all that check this you are thinking, "Ashley, it's been so slow and I miss my girl!" Hang in there sweet moms and dads! You will see them so soon! I hope you all are coming to the K2 Closing. I will post the schedule of that soon...but summary is that hopefully you can all be there at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, June 24th. It's going to be so fun. For parents that have come to K2 before we have really changed up our closing ceremonies to make it a bit shorter and just great family time!

Back to June is the run down...

Verse: John 8:31: "To the Jews who had believed Him, Jesus said, 'If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciple." SIDE NOTE: I got to speak at Backwoods today. Each day we have a leadership gal share for 7-8 minutes before the girls have their devo. I would love to be joined in prayer that kids when they come to Kanakuk know that the same God that is here at K2 is the same God that is in their precious hearts. I realize we put a bubble of protection that I love that they get for 13 or 25 days from the world and all the messages but I want them to always know that salvation is not accepting Kanakuk into your heart but accepting the truth of the gospel into their hearts. I love that this ministry calls upon the Lord for protection and soft and willing hearts. I pray your daughter has experienced the LORD by way of Kanakuk...that we would only be the vessel.

Morning/Afternoon: We had a crazy day! A lot of our staff were gone because we had several fun trips go out today. We had our "SuperDeal trip" which is cabins 19 & 20 that are our oldest monthers that get to spend a fun day that is planned by several of our leadership folks. I know that the trip this year included lots of yummy food, fun putt putt, the K1 party barn, a drive-in movie (K-rated of course!), and tons of fun! We also had our "UnReal Deal" Trip. These are our oldest 13 day kampers. They get to hit the dock and get to go tubing, skiiing, etc with just their cabin...super special! They get to grill out steak and chicken and finish the night with coke and candy! Quite the treat at K2! The day was normal as far as schedule goes. We did have to have a 6th period pool party b/c we were a little short staff with all the trips...but who doesn't love a pool party!

Night: GIRL PAJAMA PARTY!! Probably my favorite night of kamp (which makes me sound very un-spiritual :)...but the girls can wear K-rated pjs to dinner and then we head to the girls gym (it's air conditioned...woohooo!) to watch a movie. It was a blast! The girls bring pillows and just turn into precious 11 year olds as they all laugh through a movie. It was just so innocent...a word that I wish all of them could get back at this age!

I pray you have liked the blog and that it has truly been a window to their world at K2. We are so thankful for all our mommies and daddies that entrust your most prized possession to us for 13 or 25 days!

Window to their World,
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

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Nancy Rex said...


I LOVE reading your blog!! It's so fun to know their schedule, activities and what they're studying each day. We get downloads when they get home, but it usually comes out bits at a time! This way I get to "experience" kamp right along with my girls!

Thanks for keeping us connected and for the incredible example and influence you've personally been on my girls, Monica & Natalie. We all love you!!

Nancy Rex