Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday is here...

Hey friends,
Well, it's Friday! Woohoo! I hope that your week has been so great and full of the Lord's grace. Shay and I are headed to the Branson Pirate Homecoming game tonight to watch a ton of Kanakuk kiddos beat...well, I actually don't know who we are hopefully beating.

The weekend is full of excitement as Shay and I have an 8 hour class tomorrow (he'll kill me for blogging this) for a Prepared Parenthood class. All things labor, delivery locations, rooms, birth plans (people have plans...what in the world?). I am sure our marriage will grow stronger b/c of the laughter we will share tomorrow. It's going to be hysterical!

Have great weekends! I'll try and have pictures of the weekend festivities.

Be awesome & love Jesus,

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Courtney Pennington said...

Ash! My Mom was a childbirth coordinator and teacher at the hospital she worked out for years and years~! SooOooOooOoo If you have any questions that the goofy/graphic videos don't answer....Call me, haha, I will pass on the question! :) *Smiles* Enjoy the Laughs!

Love ya tons


(Courtney Pennington)