Thursday, September 17, 2009


Goodness, I cannot tell you how excited I am to kick-off being back to the blogging world! Oh, how I've missed it. All you K2 girls...HOW ARE YOU? I pray each of you have had a great start to your year. It, in all honesty, has taken me a bit to get back into the routine of my job for the non-summer months. Here is some things that I've been up to since K2 ended: vacation with my amazing husband, belly grew (due to preggo-ness, in case you read that and don't understand), shopped at Target for more plastic bins for our loveshack (that's what I call our house), worked, prayed with my friends that work full time with me, meetings, watching lots of ESPN, belly grew some more, and ran a 5k for K-Life.

So enough about life after kamp...I wanted to take a chance to kick-off my blog for the year by sort of casting vision for the blog. It's not very deep or thought provoking. I will do my best to every once in a while throw that in. For the most part it is for K2 girl kampers, K2 girl parents, and K2 girl staff to stay connected. A lot of the posts will be fun, joyful, kamp memories, or completely random. I don't like to debate, will share my opinion (which prayerfully is based on God's Word), and let you into our lives at Kanakuk full-time so that you know my heart to encourage teenage girls in this world to be godly, mighty women of the Lord. So I just say all that to say I love comments, if they are nice or constructive. I love blogging and will try to do every 2-3 days. So enjoy, don't think too hard, and be encouraged!

This year my emails have a new "ending." My husband last year started coining this phrase that he said all the time, "Just be Awesome." He would reply with this statement and it always made me laugh and smile. So this summer it started to roll off my tongue and I added the basic summation of what I want to do each day...BE AWESOME AND LOVE JESUS. That's my motto this year and you will see the phrase a lot.

* Be Awesome: basically to be awesome means you are living by the fruit of the Spirit. That's my theological statement of belief (jk, please don't comment, I'm just being silly :)
* Love Jesus: If we are loving Jesus we are loving people...or at least in a perfect world that's how we as followers of Christ should be living. If we know of the love of Christ in our own heart then love for others should be overflowing!

So K2 friends: Be awesome and Love Jesus! I could run in political races with that campaign slogan...doubt I would win!

Be awesome & love Jesus,

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Alli said...

Ashley, this just makes my day! You, Shay, Baby Robbins (yay!) and the rest of the kanakuk staff have so been on my heart. It was exciting to check my email tonight and see you started blogging again! Such an encouragement. I WILL be seeing you guys at movie night when you head here to A&M and I'm so excited for what all God has in store. Be encouraged in light of all that's going on, you guys have been used by God to change my life and the lives of so many others! Love you girl, thanks for blogging!