Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thoughts of the Poster Clueless Future Mom...

Well, I must admit that my blogging ideas have not flowed quite as freely as they once did...could be hormonal preggo emotionsor just normal emotions of a week where clinging to God's Holy Word has never been more evident. I think pregnancy has been somewhat smooth as far as hormonal rollercoaster riding for all those around me...but I guess Shay would be the best answer for that question. Anyways, tomorrow we have our next baby appointment for "Baby Girl Robbins."Yes, it's true we still have no name...are we just awful parents? It just seems like the biggest responsibility (as of now of course) of picking a name...what if I pick one and then the next day I hear one that's better...or what if we have her and right when she comes out the name just doesn't fit?? Oh, goodness, the thoughts of a new clueless mom! Anyways, so she is still nameless as of now. My co-small group leader and our 7th/8th grade girls have given her a temporary name...Agnus. Hysterical! (please leave no comments if you name is Agnus...it's great for you! Go girl!) So anyways, tomorrow Shay and I will head to our precious doctor to have our next check up. I am pretty sure it is a routine check and from my belly growth and her movement I think all is well. In light of life's ups and downs...I cannot tell you how much this baby has steadied my heart in His Word, His love, and His sovereignty. I will TRY and take some belly pics soon...ya'll, you know it's somewhat awkward when you see people's preggo belly so I try and and avoid too many but girls it has grown since summer...like exponentially! Ya'll would just laugh at me if you saw me! Oh, side note, I am obsessed with maternity clothes. I love maternity pants...they are my fav! I want to keep wearing them after I have her, like forever!

Hope the day is filled with reminders of God's love for you! (this post is so random...welcome to my preggo mind girls! So random! Hope maybe it brings a little laughter to ya!)

Be awesome & love Jesus,

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Brittany said...

I hope you and baby Robbins are doing well! I pray for a wonderful last few months in your pregnancy and a healthy little girl!!