Thursday, October 8, 2009

Favorite Things...

* (read while singing along with Julie Andrews)
"I simply remember my favorite things & then I don't feel so bad"...let's all sing along! I love the Sound of Music and thought today as it's a little grey and rainy outside that I would share some of my "favorite things" right now...
1. FALL: I love Summer because of Kanakuk but I love the Ozarks when leaves start changing and the colors burst forth (did I just type burst forth?) that are just beautiful!

2. WHEEL OF FORTUNE: I love this game show. I have been watching it more the past couple of weeks and I think if they had a couples show that Shay and I could have won it all! Shay always starts just saying random words with the sounds of the letters on screen...hysterical!

3. VICKI COURTNEY'S BLOG: I totally don't know Vicki Courtney but parents she is great. Her blog is very current and relevant with a sassy biblical mom's tone. Click HERE to check it out.

4. PLAINLY JANE ON ETSY: One of my dearest friends is by far the craftiest person I know. Not weird crafts, cute amazing crafts! She has her own little business on Etsy is this awesome site of homeade, vintage, anything you want site. It's awesome and unique. Click HERE to see Jane's stuff. (*MOMS: she has splat mats, welcome mats, and time out mats that are just precious!)

5. HGTV: I just love anything on this station! Well, not some shows, but mostly all of them. Shay and I live in our little loveshack but someday when we have a house I hope to use all these ideas...and by me using them, I actually mean all my friends that are talented at house stuff!

6. GIRL TUTUS: Well, since Shay and I are having a little girl I have discovered these easy to make no-sew tutus. They are awesome. I have already bought tool (not sure if that is how you spell it...tull?) and hopefully will have some craft time soon! I'll call my friend can see more HERE.

7. CARAMEL APPLE CIDER: Girls, I had the most amazing caramel apple cider at this place in Chicago this weekend at a place called LePeep. DELISH! It was so great! Now, I'll have to find a good recipe or find a place that has it in Branson, MO.

8. SAY YES TO THE DRESS: This show is on TLC. I have seen it during my lunch break and it just makes me laugh. The pressure of the sell and the consultants...oh, and some of the brides crack me up! It feels so intense as they try and close the sell. So fun!

9. SIMPLE SHOES: I love simple shoes. My friend Callie has a pair and I told her yesterday I might be copying her soon! I have to save up some money and ask the hubby but maybe they can be my "I'm about to go on Kanakuk Tour for 3 weeks" gift...we'll see! Click HERE to see my favorite pair.

9. BETH MOORE STUDIES: Any of her studies I just love but I am doing the Esther study and it is just great! She is one of my favorite authors as she draws you to God's Word and makes your heart pulled into even the hardest of scriptures. It's awesome. I have done 4-5 of her studies and all have been awesome!

10. CROCHET EAR WARMERS: Okay, this is another find from Chicago. We found this precious boutique and it had these crochet ear warmers with big flowers on them. I bought one in red and my girlfriends did too. They are so cute!

11. SOCK/SHOES FOR BABIES: I am obsessed! I love these socks. At they have all different colors and designs...some look like Mary Jane's and others like sneakers, crocs, ballerina shoes, etc. They are awesome!
12. PLAID LONG SHIRTS: I am rather addicted to plaid long shirts for the can wear with jeans or leggings, flats or boots...I just love them.
Well, there are a few of my favorite things. This is a totally random post (I seem to be the queen of randomness these days) and I hope it makes you laugh or just ponder your favorite things right now. So today, go out and drink some caramel apple cider and know that I would love to be there with ya!
Be awesome & love Jesus,


plainlyjane said...

Thanks for the huge shout out! Can't wait to make tule tutus with you. :)

jennaferwhite said...

You are so cute! :) I love your favorite things!!!! :) And try Starbucks Carmel apple cider... I bet it's not as good as Chi-town but I LOVE it! :)

Ashley said...

good news... starbucks caramel apple cider is the bomb. i'm hearin a coffee date brewing with you and i soon for the goodness.... have fun in tejas! xoxo