Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dear Mr. Paint Techy Guy...

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Paint Sample/Chip Technology,
Oh, to simply have someone to send this letter to with my thoughts and sadness of my interaction this past week with selecting paint colors. The journey for Shay and I started with excitement as we picked out colors for each room with thought and love. I had a dear friend even step in as an interior decorator with her eye for style. We joyfully arrived at Lowe's to pick up our first itty-bitty sample can, but yet knowing we would be back for those colors. This happy, blue sky moment was short lived and a rare fleeting moment for paint selection. We were then met with colors not matching, looking 100% different once it totally dries, coming too strong once put on all the walls in a room, or not being able to tell any difference. The moments of anguish grew with each itty-bitty sample can that was charged to the world of our debit card. I finally decided to put my foot down and pick matter what. I ordered gallons and quarts and headed on my way, spirit distraught with all the what if's of all the other color chips still to sample. Mr. Paint Technology I want you to know that the general colors have now all grown on me (except for Mr. Paris Mint in our future guest room who is still a tad to much like an easter egg) but the anguish and turmoil you caused I am not sure I can start upping your research mister because if I ever paint again (which could be soon if this mint color doesn't grow on me soon) I will beat you this time with your sample cans and paper chips in different lights. I have learned your game and will master you if we ever face again.

(*Note: this is completely random and fictious. I wrote no letter to anyone. Just a funny monologue if I could write to a Mr. Paint Techy guy)

A paint apprentice now becomes the master,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

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Rachel Jones said...


I sent you a card in the mail
I didn't have your address so I sent it to the offices of kanakuk in branson
So a card is awaiting you there!!

Have a great Day
I'm prayin for ya!!

Rachel Jones