Friday, November 13, 2009

Thinking of Thanksgiving...

Today is November 13th and it has been a quiet day here at the Kanakuk director's building. Everyone is finishing up the week of traveling and I have been working away in Branson. Today for some reason I got so excited in thinking about Thanksgiving. So I thought to myself, "Self, why not post about Thanksgiving today? It's not like you have any other ideas." So here I am. I thought as Thanksgiving gets closer I would post every once in a while about some of my favorite things about Thanksgiving. Please feel free in your heart to join me in thinking through your favs about Thanksgiving. Here are 2 to start: 1. FAMILY...I can't wait to be with family! Shay's family (only some sadly) will roll into Branson, MO and mine will be coming in as soon as Baby Girl Robbins decides to grace us with her presence. I love the laughter, love, and just connection families share. I can't wait!
2. The MACY'S Thanksgiving Parade. Oh, my heart is swelling with pure awesomeness at the thought of awakening early, making (well, "fixing" Pillsbury brand) cinnamon rolls, and watching the parade with the hubby! (if ya'll could only see the glee in my office right now just typing about the parade. My mom hooked me on this parade a very young age and as a teen I used to mock my mom for her love of the parade and now we share the passion for the parade. Mom, don't worry I'll call you during the parade to talk about if we think the singers are or are not lip brother burst that thought when I was like 17...I really thought it was live singing.
Okay, so there are 2 memories/moments I am so excited for! Join in with the glee and think of your favorite family memories of Thanksgiving...what's not to love?

Be awesome & love Jesus,

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Kari said...

Ashley, I have you on my special blog roll so I keep up with all your fun blogging. I love your blog... it makes me so happy to know YOU are Hannah's mentor!! You have made a huge impact in her life. Thank you for loving your girls with all your heart.
Please feel free to add a little craziness to your roll...
We love you!