Friday, January 8, 2010

Still a Winter Wonderland...

(Lulu and I in the morning of the big snow)
Hey Kanakuk Friends,
Well, I am typing as I sit in my house bundled in my Arkansas Razorback Snuggie (oh, yeah, I got one for Christmas) because in Branson today it is like -1 degrees and our heater in our house is having a tough time keeping up! The Branson kiddos have been out of school a whole week and I'm sure they are loving it! Shay and I leave today to start our trek to Louisiana. I am excited to see some dear friends down there! This will be our 2nd year to go on this trail and we are so blessed!

If you have snow, enjoy it! Go outside and be a kid...snowman, sledding, and snow ice cream!
(our house covered in a winter wonderland!)
Be awesome & Love Jesus,
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

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Joni said...

Love the picture Ashley!!! Stay warm!!!