Thursday, February 25, 2010

Okay, American Idol...

Hey Kanakuk Girlies!
Okay, I admit that American Idol is one of my fav shows! We had my best friend and her hubby over last night to watch the Top 12 Guys go. Jennifer and I (you can check out her K1 Kanakuk Blog: Click here) LOVE American Idol! So anyways, we waited till 7:25 pm to start it so we can fast forward through all commercials (Genius, right?) and began our journey of being our own Idol judges in good 'ole Branson.

Who were your favs? I must admit Tuesday night I was left not all! Simon thinks it's the year of the girls but goodness, they have some improving to do. But let's be real honest I, and most Americans, would have been a nervous wreck on that stage so nerves are understandable.

Okay, so here are my thoughts (please don't comment not nicely...only your opinions and fun light hearted comments...thanks!)

1. Judges: I truly do think Ellen is funny on her daytime show but I just have not really liked her on the show. I thought she would be the funny, well, just funny voice but it has come across to me as just another 4th judge to agree or say something not that funny. There have been some awkward moments and I feel like she talks about young girls voting for all the handsome guys a lot which is just weird. Anyways, I like it but literally when it comes to the judges I just wait for Simon (sometimes Randy) and that's the only judge I care to listen too. Jennifer and I decided that Kara, who I know is super talented and a great songwriter, well, I just don't love her as a judge. (please don't comment that I'm judging her...I am constructively telling an opinion on a TV show where there job is to be a judge...I'm sure Kara is very nice and sweet in person as far as her personality but as far as her job as a AI judge, I'm just not a fan)
2. Top 12 Girls: Oh, gooodness, I just wasn't impressed on Tuesday night...hoping it was nerves. Here are my favs in order: Lacey Brown (red head), Lily Scott (white hair), and well, those 2 are my favs and then 3rd place could be several people...Ashley Rodriquez, Katie something, or Paige's a toss up for now.
3. Top 12 Guys: I thought the guys did much better than the girls. Top 3 fav guys in order: Lee Dewyze (2nd from left), Andrew Garcia, and Alex Lambert/Big's a toss up between those 2 for my 3rd spot...
4. My Official Top 3 that I love for sure:
A. Lacey Brown: Love her! I secretly (well, not secretly b/c I just typed it on here) love her hair and would love to do that someday when my facial bone structure therefore I never will. A girl can dream!

B. Andrew Garcia/Lee Dewyze: fan of both of them. I like Lee's voice (he needs some spunk though when he is being interviewed) and Andrew's story just makes me cry and he has great pipes. I have heard that Kirksville K-Life is like fan club of Andrew's. Random fact for ya!

C. Lily Scott: one her name is awesome, two her hair is awesome, and three she is just different. I like her!

Okay, there is my OPINION of Idol last night...any predictions of who will be sent home? I think it might be...oh, I just don't even know who it could be...2 guys and 2 girls I think go home? Yikes!

Be awesome & Love Jesus,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins


AliSue said...

We are so in line with this!! I totally agree with your top 3! I really like Lee and that girl that lost her BFF and the one that has the pipes and sang that horrible Kris Isaak song too though! I just hope they get some more originality going on that girls side!! (I was really disappointed in Andrew Garcia! )

But I LOL'd when I read the part about Lacey's hair!!! I said the same thing to my son, Cole, the other night about wanting her hair!! I just love the way her eyes pop with that red hair! Your eyes would POP too!! Maybe one day when we get a wild hair we can be red heads too! ;)

I love ya girl!! Hope your enjoying these early days of being a mommy! Take care!!

Anonymous said...

I know someone who is friends with Tim Urban's family. So far, his performances haven't been very great but, boy, he is cute! haha. I love lacey too though!