Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh, Precious Olympics...

(Picture from used on Kanakuk Ashley)

Hey Kanakuk Komos,

Well, once again, I am just loving the Olympics! I mean last night was intense, right? Lindsey Vonn was amazing and so precious after she won in her interview. She was that total not sure what I'm saying cry-er. Love it! Then Shaun White...seriously, he is just precious! Okay, I'm sure he would hate that I just called him precious...and I'm sure he will read my blog to know that I called him precious...but he just is! I don't even understand half pipe moves, but I totally teared up last night seeing him win. P.S. on that doesn't he have great hair?? Seriously!

So there is my random thoughts this morning. Oh, totally forgot about speed skating...did anyone watch the relay? Craziness. Shay and I at one point as we were watching Shani Davis and Shay had to remind us both to relax our bodies because you tense up your body as you watch. Oh, I just love the Olympics!

Be awesome, love Jesus, and go Olympics,

kanakuk ashley robbins

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