Wednesday, April 7, 2010

American Idol Thoughts...

Hey Kanakuk Girls!!! How we doing today? It's Wednesday...Wednesdays seem like great days. Anywho, so last night was Idol and the themes was the Beatles. I like the Beatles but do not want to claim to understand or be a major Beatle fan. I thought overall the night was good. I feel like I like each of them now (except a certain 17 year old girl that I am still bitter that she is still on the show...Lily it should have been you!...however she is getting better and I agree with Simon that she should not be R&B but country...long side note) so at this point it gets tough to know who is going home and really I hope each of these folks do well. But here are my random thoughts for you to enjoy or get mad at because you disagree:

1. Siobhan Quirky Magnus: I sort of have lost my enthusiasm of her. I still think she is just cool but I don't know if I would like buy her album.
2. Big Mike: Still a fan.
3. Lee Deeeee-Wiiiizzzzyyy: I would 100% buy his album! Love his voice! Different and cool!
4. Andrew Garcia: Add as a fan, check!
5. Aaron Kelly: would not be sad if he went home soon
6. Casey James: not sure if I like him or not...feel like he has better hair than some of the girls and it's awkward...good voice.
7. Crystal MommaSox: adore! She is so different but I must admit I don't know if I would run out to get her album but would love to see her play live in a small coffee shop setting.
8. Katie Stevens: you are getting better but I just still am not a huge fan. I am very sorry.
9. Tim Urban: why are the judges so hard on you? poor guy gets harrassed for smiling and i think it is just nervousness and you are having a ball. So more power to you! I do think he has great weeks and a good voice but probably will be gone soon.

So there are my thoughts. My predictions for bottom 3: Tim, Katie, and Andrew (now bottom 3 will start to consist of people that I do not want to leave). Kick-off: Katie (I can hope...and I'd be ok with Tim)

Be awesome, love Jesus & Simon is the only real judge,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /
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seriouslymere said...

my fav = LEE DEWYZE!
next in order: crystal bowersox, casey james, big mike, andrew.
the rest--GO AWAY and let the people i don't want to fast forward through sing more. : )