Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Save Heard Round the World...

Oh, American Idol Fans, was last night intense or what?? I must admit I was 100% shocked at the bottom 3 and even more shocked that Michael Lynch was bottom 1. What in the world? In my perfect world of opinions of American Idol bottom 3 should have been: Katie (it's time's time to go), Aaron (I just think you are too young and your dancing is so very awkward that I change the channel), and Tim (you are getting better and are joyful but it's also soon time for you). The one kicked off should have been...well, any of those 3.

But Andrew & Big Mike should never be in the bottom 3 at this point. Seriously people! When Big Mike was singing and they were showing his sweet wife...oh, my goodness how can you not adore this guy! The judges made my night when they used their save. I think it was wise and good timing...great timing! Big Mike for 1 more week at least!

So to Tim, Katie, and Aaron...I love your hearts and even like you but it's time...mostly because I don't want any of my other favorites to be kicked off before you 3...that would just not be right. I mean let's be honest I'm confident Simon Cowell reads my blog to know how to judge the singers. Simon, holler at me and I'll give you some wisdom for next week.

Be awesome, love Jesus and long live Big Mike,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /

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Bailey Box said...


I crack up every time I read your AI blogs.... look forward to them every week!

I met Randy Jackson in the Memphis airport yesterday (so random....) and thought of you!

I hope you're doing so well and that precious Lulu is happy and healthy!

Miss you!