Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh, Spring please Sprung...

Hey Kanakuk Girls/Parents/Random people...I feel myself in a in-between state of nothingness for the blog. I am starting to switch gear to "summer blogging for kanakuk k2" which entails the daily verse, morning/afternoon schedule, night time activity, and prayer requests for your parents to know what is happening in "real time" as opposed to having to wait for your letter that may or may not ever arrive. So I feel as if these last 2 weeks (The Robbins' gang moves out to K2 in 2 weeks...WHAT IN THE WORLD??) will be rather random...so prepare yourself.

So today...my hands are numb (due to the coldness of my office) and I have 3 layers on. The sun is trying hard to peek through the sky but it is just a tid bit chilly. Now please don't comment to tell me I should be grateful for any weather because it is from the Lord...I at the heart do realize this fact...but the desire of my heart is I'm ready to throw on my nike shorts, tshirts, and my classic modest 1 piece and hit the gates of K2...no makeup, sun shining, and pure friendships.

So sun and summer please hurry here.

Be awesome, love Jesus and ready for my tan,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins / ashley@kanakuk.com


Maddie said...

Hey Ashley! Can't wait for Kamp this summer! I think you should have a post with your costume shopping adventures and with ideas for costumes 'cause I know some of us komos are a little "konfuzzled" by a few of the parties! Thanks Ashley! Can't wait to see you this summer!

Ashley Robbins said...

GREAT IDEA! Done! I'm starting to breakdown each party today! Seriously awesome idea!

Maddie said...

Thanks Ashley!
It's awesome to know that you read and take each comment into consideration!