Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kanakuk K2 Party Breakdown Part 1 of 5...

Hoedown Showdown
(13 Day Terms 1,3,5) (All 25 Day Terms 1,2,3)
Well alright cowboys and girls—the work is done, the livestock is put away, and the sun is setting. We’ve sawdusted the dance floor and tuned up the jukebox so it’s time for an old-fashioned, boot-tappin, girl-twirlin’, flag-unfurling par-tee! This summer at Kanakuk put on your softest denim, your scootin’ boots, and whatever “hoedown headwear” best portrays your own prairie personality. So brush up on your square-dancin’, your horse-shoein’, your corn tossin’, and your trail-bossin’ because this party is not for those fancy city slickers—it’s time to unleash your inner “John and Jenny Wayne” and enjoy a night of rural Americana so patriotic it’ll make the apple pie proud! You can call it a hootenanny, a social, or a barn-raising--we call it the HOEDOWN SHOWDOWN—and you do not want to miss it “pilgrim!”

Costume Ideas: From extreme to casual...cowsuits (homeade or bought), overalls and boots, prairie woman outfit, an old moomoo (like the black/white one I'm wearing in one of these pics) with boots and some freckles, modest jean skirt (you have to wear shorts under any dresses/skirts at K2 and it can't be all crazy short crazy girls! Modest is hottest...ow, ow! Pig or any farm animal, sheriff outfit, cowgirl (again not all trashy, keep it clean/classy girls!)

Example of a BAD costume: short skirt, tight or belly showin' craziness, nothing, tshirt and jeans...come on people, costume parties are so fun! See below for a bad costume.

Examples of Good costumes: See below.
Hope this helps and I'll be doing each party over the next week or so. Comment if you have questions or any other suggestions. Oh, man, this makes me ready for Kanakuk K2 2010 RIGHT NOW! Yee-haw!

Be awesome, love Jesus and costumes are fun,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /

(pictures: and Ashley's Facebook)


Anonymous said...

This is a really cool blog! I hate when people don't dress up for the parties!! It bums everyone out! Thanks for the ideas Ashley and I can't wait to meet you:)

Mandi said...

Ashley! I love reading your blog posts! All this kamp talk is getting me even more excited for another summer at K2! My mom keeps telling me to quit packing, but I can't stop because I just can't wait!