Monday, May 3, 2010

Kanakuk K2 Party Breakdown Part 2 of 5...

2050 Galactica Spectacula
TERMS: (13 Day Terms 1,3,5) (25 Day Terms 1,2,3)
“Houston—we DO NOT have a problem!” In fact, this summer we’ll be embracing the space race and moon-bouncing off the walls at a party that is too big for our solitary solar system—“THE GALACTICA SPECTACULA “ is a extraterrestrial extravaganza for young and old, human and alien, robot and astronaut! SO eat your heart out, ET—but you won’t want to “phone home” from this phenomenonal fiesta set in the final frontier--charge up that light-saber, refuel the rocket boosters, and RSVP with mission control—because whether you’re a Star Fleet cadet or walking hunk of Kryptonite this party is going to “moon rock” your face off! A curious community of celestial characters await your arrival on the planet “KUK” this summer—set phasers to “fun” ‘cause this summer we’re living life at light-speed at the GALACTICA SPECTACULA!
Party Breakdown - Costume Ideas:
This party is going to be so awesome. Seriously think black lights and spaceships...but in a hip and cool teenage way. Basically you could wear all lime green clothes with some antennas (made out of pipe cleaners) and be great...OR for the more wild at heart you can go all out with foil, foil, and more foil. You can be an astronaut, scientist for NASA or any character from Star Trek. Oh, just typing this makes me want to go find my outfit...I love parties at Kanakuk K2!
Examples of Good Costumes:
Sorry I had no personal pictures for this post. I guess I haven't ever been at K2 for a party like this, hence, no picture of yours truly in any green alien outfit. Enjoy! Post any questions you have and I'll try and answer them for you.

Be awesome, love Jesus and beam me up Scottie,

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