Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kanakuk K2 Party Breakdown Part 3 of 5...

PARTY #3: Color Catastrophe
TERMS: (13 Day Terms 1,3,5) (25 Day Terms 1,2,3)

We have a situation... Darkness has descended and Kamp is dead and dreary. Mona Chrome, the lifeless, self-appointed Mayor of Kanakuk has taken away the colors of the rainbow. Only shades of black and white now exist, thanks to this villainess. How could such a catastrophe occur, you may ask? Mr. ROY G. BIV himself was taken hostage by Mona Chrome and her colorless fiends! What kind of world would we be in without color? Can you imagine Kamp without color? I've seen it, and it's not pretty. Please help us free ROY! I'll bring some brightly colored lights. You bring a heart of courage to stand up to this Dame of Darkness, as well as your brightest colored costumes you have (the more obnoxious the better!) I perceive a showdown between Mona Chrome and ROY G. BIV! So, come this summer boasting in BLUE, yelling out YELLOW, and proudly proclaiming the perfection of PINK, PURPLE, and PERIWINKLE! Hold on to your hat "ROY G BIV" because when Kanakuk celebrates color—we will literally paint the town RED, GREEN, GOLD, and GOLDENROD!!! Get ready for the party that promises to splash and glow with all the shades of the rainbow!

So this party is well, pretty easy to throw something together...basically K2 Girlies throw in your duffle your brightest clothing...you can have a tie dye shirt with bright pink shorts and rainbow tights...you can be a care bear...you can make a rainbow out of carboard (really creative but might be hard to transport to kamp but if you can do it then do it girl!)...paint your whole body red with red shirt, shorts and shoes...be all white and have silver glasses and be the spectrum that reflects light and color...be your favorite crayola color...some of you might have a sun outfit like the ones from the Jimmy Dean commercials, oh that would be funny...oh the possibilities for this party!

Examples of GOOD Costumes:

Not sure why the girl clown is cutting her hair...random! Okay, so I don't know if our 2 week kampers have noticed that as of now I have only done 2 week terms 1, 3, and 5...but you 2 weekers who come Term 2, 4, and 6...don't worry. Yours are coming! Promise!

Be awesome, love Jesus and colors of the wind,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins / ashley@kanakuk.com

(all pictures from google.com search)


Libby said...

I am super excited for kamp this year! These parties sound really fun! I've been busy studying for my boat license and making sure I have enough clothes. I've never been to K2, and I can't help wondering, is it as fun as K-west?
Love the blog, and costume ideas

Ashley Robbins said...

Hey Libby! K-West is such a fun place...and K2 is equally as fun!!! It's a bit different in the sense that K2 is a bit bigger but once you learn the ropes you will love it!!!! So yes...it is as fun! But once you get to K2 and you might be a little overwhelmed come introduce yourself or attach yourself to your awesome counselors!

ashley robbins

Libby said...

Thanks for the advice Ashley. I am really excited to come and see everyone at K2 1st term. Hope to meet you then!