Thursday, May 6, 2010


Well, the Robbins (that would be Shay, Lulu, and I) are adding to the fam again! I know, I know...I just had one right. Yes, Yes I did. But God's timing is perfect...or at least that is what I am having to say over and over in my head. Just kidding! We are pumped and excited for baby #2!!! Lulu will be just turning 1 when the new sister or brother arrives!

Yay for family!

Be awesome, love Jesus and another Robbins,


Ashley said...

Hey Ash!
That's the way it happened with us too. Ava was 13 months old when her sister entered the world. I cried my eyes out when I discovered I was pregnant with #2. Even at 13 months, Ava was such a good helper and didn't expect much activity. She was still napping well so I could take it easy during the second pregnancy. I just want you to know (in case you feel overwhelmed like I did) there is a wonderful light at the end of this tunnel. I will def. be praying for the Robbin's growing family!!!


Maddie said...

Oh my wow Ashley! What a Birthday suprise for me! Congrats! Glad God has blessed you in so many ways!

sarahjobell said...

ashley this is so cool! i really enjoy following your blog. congrats! btw, baby lulu is beautiful. :)