Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kanakuk Party Breakdown Part 4 of 5...

PARTY: World's Fair
TERMS: (13 Day Terms 2,4,6) (25 Day Terms 1,2,3)
Ni hao, bon jour, and wassup!!! 2010 is the year of the Winter Olympics and the World Cup of Soccer—a year of celebrating the colors, cuisine, camaraderie, and cultures of the world!!! In honor of this, we’re joining the festivities—Kanakuk Style!!! This summer we’ll be hosting the Kanakuk World’s Fair and you are invited! So, if you’ve ever dreamed of being a Swiss Miss, an adventurous Aussie, a Saharan sheik, or a French Fried potato—this is your chance to get down with your international self! So put on your wooden shoes, brush up on your Bulgarian, and pack your passport because this summer the nations of the world will be showing off in the “Show Me State.” Join us this summer as we dance to the didgeridoo, feast on falafel, and sing “We are the World” in a dozen different dialects at the KANAKUK WORLD’S FAIR!!!
Costume Breakdown:
Any country, any heritage (within modesty and respectfulness). We are honoring the diversity of the world. Speaking of could just come as the earth or the solar system...I would laugh for sure! Or you could go bright, colorful from Mexico or classic and sophisticated from China. You could be Lady Liberty for the USA or come as a the World's Fair Elephant tamer...oh, that would make me laugh too! Anyways, the ferris wheel is the limit!
Good Costumes (courtesy of or Silver Dollar City Worldfest)

One more party to go...who's getting excited? ME!
Be awesome, love Jesus and Go World!
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /

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