Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kanakuk Party Breakdown Part 5 of 5...

PARTY:Afterdark in the Ark
TERMS: (13 Day Terms 2,4,6) (25 Day Terms 1,2,3)
Whoa horsies—hang on hippo—and cool it cheetah: we’re not getting off this boat just yet: there’s time for one more fun-filled fiesta while we’re all stuck in here together! As the dove brought back good news and the flood-waters started receding you know the animals were ready to rock Noah’s Ark with one last boisterous blowout! The jackrabbits played jazz, the chimps did the “cha-cha,” the bears led bingo, and the dingos brought a 7-layer dip!! It was a celebration of salvation and a beast of a bash! This summer we’re kickin’ it old school…Old Testament school that is, as we imagine “Noah’s Ark: After Dark!” With the vast menagerie of animals on the Ark there’s no telling what kind of reptilian revelry would have occured. That's right, this summer we are parking the Ark right inside the confines of Kanakuk K2. You will find a whole host of animals dancing 2 by 2 to the beats of DJ's Shem, Ham, and Japheth! You can also expect to meet an Ardvark named Mark at Afterdark in the Ark. Call the cockatoos, text the tigers, and e-vite the iguanas---there’s a party on the deck and every species is invited!
Costume Breakdown:
Basically any animal in the whole wide world will get you into this party! This party is going to probably be our biggest construction party as we will most likely build an ark...of some kind. So be ready! You can go all out and order a costume from the bazillion costume sites online or you can DIY (do-it-yourself) with some sweats outfits, paper, and a headband. Go with your favorite animal or an animal you want to learn about as you make your outfit. Whatever it is just do and wear something. Oh and you could also come as Noah (if you are a boy happening to read this that is attending K2 this summer) or the wives of Noah and his sons that were on the ship too. Any sheet will do the trick for a biblical costume.
Good Costumes:

Be awesome, love Jesus and party at the Ark,

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