Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13...

Hey Kanakuk Term 1 & Term 2 (Term 2 for 13 Day Parents),
Well we in a matter of 12 hours say goodbye to one set of kampers (Term 1 13 days was amazing and praying for such great conversation and relationship time for you with your daughter!) and starting, well now, we are getting Term 2 (or I might sometimes type Term 1B). The counselors are excited and we are ready! God has remained faithful and shown that Kanakuk is 100% HIS kamp and HE is in control. I pray Shay and I's hands are always loosely holding on so that we can cling to the Lord as He has placed us here.

Here is the run down of the day:

No Women of the Bible study since it is Sunday and Changeover. We had a girl and guy speaker at church and I heard (I was up at 13Day closing ceremonies) that is was amazing!

Morning / Afternoon: Term 1A Closing Ceremonies and the 25Day gals had our coffee cake breakfast, church, and then headed to White Water (White Water is a water park in Branson. They love this day. All our 25 Day kampers get loaded on buses, get pizza, coke and candy, and have a blast at an awesome water park...wave pool, slides, and all!).

Night: K-LIFE TONIGHT!! Parents my favorite all time speaker who is just amazing is...SHAY ROBBINS! My husband! So of course I'm a bit biased but I am excited for your kiddos to hear from his heart...he loves the Lord so very much and His Word...thanks for any prayers.

Okay, so there is the day...Term 2 parents we are excited to have you checking out the blog each day! Hopefully it will be a little snapshot into K2. Sure thankful for Kanakuk families!

Window to the K2 World,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /

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