Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1st in Pictures...

Hey Kanakuk Term 1 Parents,
Well, it's 10:47 pm and Day 1 of 2010 has been just awesome. For Shay and I (and I'm sure for Joe, DJ, Trish and Don: our other directors of K2) it's just an awesome day to plan/pray/plan some more for 9 months of the year for this day...Summer to kick off with the first group of kampers! It's just awesome!

We had our opening day at the K2 dock and I'm sure some of you were "surprised" to have to hug and say byes right off the bat. We hope you know that we love parents...it's just we don't have the space for 400 parents to come through. I hope you mommas got to hug your sweet girls goodbye...I promise these 13 or 25 days will fly by! :)

Okay...so enjoy these pictures from the day...remember it's a small snapshot of the girls' side and there is just no way to capture everything or everyone. I hope by checking Kanakuk Ashley each day you would join in praying for safety for our kiddos (we have jet ski's, pea gravel, and blobs), a constant place of encouragement, and for your daughters to see Christ-like examples each day and want to be more like Christ. Thank you already for the prayers that will be said over the 13/25 days we have your daughter.

I'm off to bed...our sweet 6 month old is up each day at 6 am...

Our newest addition...K2 CARDIAC FALLS (AKA K2 Slip-n-Slide)...It's awesome!!!

Our 1st K-Life!! I love this! They are going crazy!!

Window to the K2 World,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins / ashley@kanakuk.com


jennaferwhite said...

LOVE it ASHLEY! :) Thanks for letting us all feel like we are experiencing Kamp from afar!! happy 1st day of Kamp!!!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

looks like the gals are having a great time...its storming in KC so I hope it escapes you!