Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 3...

Hey Kanakuk Term 3/6 Parents,
1 week and 2 days...NOOOOO!!!! I think if I tell myself it's not really happening then maybe it won't...great logic isn't it?! Here is the day moms and dads:

Women of the Bible Study: Rahab / Joshua 2:1-21 & 6:17-25
Verse: Psalm 31:24

Morning: Normal morning of classes.

Afternoon: We had our "all day" party today. So that means no normal classes and we start the party early! We had the World Cup playing in the girls gym, Atlantis at the Pool, slip-n-slide was a country, down at the dock you could take "gondala" (spelling could be questionable?) rides at the dock, and some I think I'm forgetting...

Night: WORLD'S FAIR! We had an awesome talent show we called "World's Got Talent." I love watching kampers be in the show as they are so gifted. We had silly talents, singing talent, random talents, and just many many more! Some of your daughters were in it and I'm pretty sure our photographer got a ton of pictures. Don't forget you can check the kanakuk site with your username and password to see hundreds of pics from the day! After the talent show we had a dance party that was awesome! It was just a blast!

Window to the K2 World,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /

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