Friday, October 15, 2010

Can't You Stay Awhile...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
I just said goodbye to a dear friend who had been in town. Tears came easily and I think we hugged 3 times for our goodbye. As I watched my friend walk away to her car and drive on home I just wanted to say..."can't you stay awhile?" What a great question.

I thought about that very question for life in general. Friends that maybe you need to sit down with to show you care and ask deeper questions than what happened on last weeks Glee episode. Parents that you don't give more than a 2 word answer for every question they ask. Sisters in Christ that need to sit and pray with you over their struggles and yours. As my friend headed back home I just wanted to sit with her, pray with her, and just have her stay awhile to drink hot cocoa, let our girls play, and have her friendship close again.

So ask someone today..."Can't you stay awhile?" Mix up some caramel apple spice hot drink or some yucky coffee latte jazz and facebook, no texting, no i-anything. Just sit and talk to a real person for a while...we were made for relationships my friends. So stay a while in one...

(the last comment was not for a boyfriend stay awhile relationship...not that boyfriends are bad but I am more meaning a mom, grandparent, sibling, lost friend, church friend, teammate, etc)

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

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