Saturday, November 13, 2010

1 Week, Seriously?...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,

Well, I am blogging ahead as The Robbins' have a new little adventure arriving very shortly. So when this blog posts goes up on the blog we will have about 1 week left before secondborn precious girl arrives. She may come early (hence I am blogging on November 8th and getting a lot of posts ready to just post themselves so you all don't miss out on the random ramblings of Kanakuk Ashley...I mean could life go on? haha!)

Anyways, so when this post launches it will be November 13th. We will be celebrating precious 1st borns birthday (a week early so she can have a special day) with family and be getting ready to welcome precious 2nd born girl very soon...Thank you Lord for choosing Shay and I for this child...for these girls! Let us show them each day of YOUR love by how we love them.

Would LOVE prayers for all things about having a baby (yikes!) and for our family as we transition to 2 little girls! Thanks! Blogging will continue...or at least I have a great goal of it continuing!

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

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