Thursday, November 11, 2010

When did this happen...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Halloween. I realize I am a week or so late but I just had to post some thoughts. I was so disturbed when I received an email from some family friends about her friends and what she missed out by not being with them for Halloween. What she missed was her 16-17 year old friends dressed as, well, Victoria Secret models with everything showing...bras, legs, everything. I was so taken a back by it and honestly still don't really believe these juniors and seniors in high school wore these outfits out. What happened to funny, silly, and cute costumes. It's like all of a sudden Halloween gives clearance for great girls to wear the most revealing costumes and it's "okay" and even "awesome" or "cute."

The picture above just set me off more as I thought about raising 2 daughters in this world. Why is it that 10 year olds no longer want to be Cinderella but they want to be the girls from Jersey Shore or Lady Gaga. How does this happen?

Parents, it's time to's past time! When your girls head out the door, dads stand up and be THERE! Be there to say, you are beautiful or to say, "my sweet daughter you cannot wear that out because I am your father and my job is to protect you and raise you to honor your body as God's temple. This outfit does none of those things." Anything to engage your daughter in teaching her that she is worth more than her parts.

Okay, breathe Ashley...just breathe! Girls, you are worth so much more than the costumes they are selling to you all. So get your princess dresses out, pull out some good ole fashion overalls and but adorably dressed for year (I am realizing now this would have been good to do before Halloween...good one Ashley!)

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

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