Monday, November 22, 2010

Let's Run with Them...Sort of...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
I wanted to pass on this story (true story by the way!) about some K2 gals and staff that are running the race...literally! So read, help, and give some money! I mean, if you want too...

Who's involved?
Monica Rex- Orlando, Fl- 11th grade
Natalie Rex-Orlando, FL- 11th grade
Emily Ross- Orlando, FL- 12th grade
Aly Fleck- Orlando, FL- UCF Senior

Where did the idea come from?
A couple of our friends had recently completed a half-marathon, so we all thought that would be a fun feat to attempt. We didn't want to run with no purpose; that would've been pointless. So we thought back to K-Equip when Adam Donyes talked about Zach Hunter, a modern-day abolitionist. The movie, Taken, also was an eye opener to the fact that WE could be the ones in slavery. So we wanted to combine something we wanted to do with something that would further the kingdom and help our brothers and sisters! We decided to run a half-marathon for the purpose of raising money for victims of the modern-day slave trade.

When is the race?
Saturday, December 4th at 7 am

Goal? $13,100- ($1000/ mile)
Why? We made our goal so lofty from encouragement by Adam Donyes to "dream a dream so big that if God didn't show up, it would fail."

Why are we doing this?
When we think of the slave trade, we think of the triangular trade and the Emancipation Proclamation, of something ancient and that ended long ago. It's unbelievable, and astounding, and SCARY that slavery is still continuing and even GROWING daily. We knew we wanted to do something to stop the perpetrators and help the victims of the slave trade, so running a half-marathon to raise money seemed ideal. I mean, we could have potentially been trafficking victims ourselves, had we been born under different circumstances.

How do people give?
by going to our website, FREEDOMRUNNERS.ORG, and donating online! If they want to give via check, they can contact me personally (by email: and I will give them information on how to do that.

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

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