Friday, January 28, 2011

What Every Little Girl SHOULD Hear...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
My heart has been heavy and excited to blog lately. The hubster is out of town so I'm just now getting a chance. I have been with my two precious ones and just so wanting them to know all these core messages I want to write upon their little hearts. As I thought about the 2 sweet ones that stare back at me with no words in reaction since they don't speak (besides the mumblings of a 14 month old), I wondered how many of you have these messages because you had a mom resounding them into you and how many of you don't have these messages because your mom hasn't told them to you, isn't around, or has passed away. With all those thoughts I wanted to be a voice to tell you the core messages I think every little girl needs to know. I want to blog on this at least once every 2 weeks...cross your fingers that I actually do it.

Message #1: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. I heard the other day that this generation more than anything else wants to be complimented. More than ANYTHING...just to be complimented. I watch our little firstborn clap her hands together (her newest accomplishment) and stare at her daddy waiting for his reaction. I remember myself twirling around and around as a vent made my Sunday dress poof open and look like a princess. As I twirled I prayed that I was seen by someone to say...You are BEAUTIFUL. So to all the little girls out there, remember today that you are beautiful. Your sweet smile, you dimple that is only on your left cheek, your scar on your left knee from trying to jump a fence, your curly hair that is cray cray when you wake up...everything about each of you is beautiful. You are made in the likeness of Your Creator! His beauty illuminates in everything about you!

Moms and daughters go through stages...stages of dependence, avoidance, rebellion, friendship, advisor, and on and on the cycle goes as life goes. Sometimes moms can say things they don't really mean...example: "Are you going to fix your hair?" when it's already fixed. "What about your other outfit?" when you are dressed for the day. "Why don't you go work out?" when your jean size changed. The words come out of their mouths and your heart breaks. Mommas, catch these words. Stop them. You HAVE to be your daughters loudest voice of beauty (you and daddio). Shout their beauty with notes, whispers as you sit in church, never negative looks comments in front of her biggest advocate of beauty!

So today, each little girl remember that. Remember those 3 words when the world says otherwise.
Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

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