Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear Miley...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Well today...a letter. A letter to Miley Cyrus. Now some might be wondering why a "older" mom of 2 and kanakuk director is writing Miley Cyrus. One, it's what I thought of today as I heard talk of her dad and family junk on the Today Show. Two, I work with teenage girls...and although most have moved on to even crazier stars, Miley is in the culture of idol to some of you.

Dear sweet Miley,
I love the picture above of you. You were so innocent and young. It makes me tear up thinking of my two little beauties growing up...prayerfully not too fast. First I think I want to say that "I'm" sorry. By "I'm" I mean all of the world...if I could speak on the world's behalf. Yet again we throw you into this world of fame at a young age and then when you mess up we turn on you faster than you can say woah. I am so very sorry for any hurt or pain or confusion that you had no control over. I am sorry that your family is hurting. I am sorry that you sometimes think that the attention you want or maybe need can come from your body, your words, or how close you can walk the "I'm crazy" line. I am just sorry. Second, I just want you to know that you are worth more. You are worth more than what a photographer says about your body being art...flaunt it. YOU ARE WORTH MORE. You are worth more than a video producer telling you this will make millions and get all the awards. You are worth more than the millions of DVD's you have sold.

My heart hurts for your dad and the fact that he is talking to magazines more than you all. My heart hurts for your mom, who no matter what anyone says divorce is awful! My heart hurts for you as you now have perspective that is so dwarfed by Hollywood. Please know that all of the stuff, shows, videos, magazines and awards have no meaning. I always wonder with "famous" people at the end of a day and they are alone in their rooms and mansions what do they think? Do they pray...even if they aren't sure they believe in who they are praying too? Do they let out a breath of air because they are exhausted from people caring what their faces look like without makeup? Do they try their best to think tomorrow I won't care what US Weekly prints about me? I just wonder...I pray for sweet Miley (and I do believe she still is...) that she would cling to the foundation of the Lord that I think was put in her life. He made you Miley...He loves you no matter what.

Disney stars continue to break my mouse ear at a time.

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

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Unknown said...

I completely agree Ashley!!!! Every time my friends make a Miley joke, it breaks my heart because I can sympathize with people acting cruel. She's exactly my age and I know it would be so difficult living under the microscope. I dont know if you heard but the Cyrus family is getting back together and the parents aren't getting divorced anymore! What's even more awesome is that they are crediting it to God for the healing that has taken place in their family! Keep up the awesome blogs Ashley!!