Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Every Little Girl Should Hear...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Here I am again with part 3 to I'm not sure how many parts there will be of What Every Little Girl Should Hear.

You can read Part 1 Here and Part 2 Here. Okay, so you are all caught up!

Part 3 is that I simply want my two girls (and therefore all of you gals!) that they are made with such great, huge, specific PURPOSE! You are unique and there is NO ONE like you. I look at our two little ladies and I know without a doubt in my mind sweet girls that there is purpose and uniqueness to each of them. I know the Lord has such great plans for them. I pray that each of you have had people in your life telling you that...whether you are 15 months old, 15 years old or 55 years old. We all need to remember and stand in awe that our Heavenly Father continually stands in awe of His Creation...YOU. If every little girl (that's us no matter your age) daily woke up know she has purpose and is unique...well, can you just imagine the difference it would make in the world.

So remember today (and everyday for that matter) that you from day 1 on your birth day were created specifically to be YOU. You have purpose...doesn't mean you have to have your complete purpose figured out every day but KNOW that you have purpose each day to show love, give love, and be love to those around you. And the only way true love is in us is through Jesus Christ. Amen? Amen!!! Don't let bullies tell you that you are pointless and a waste of air. Don't let a boy tell you to be of worth you have to do certain things. Don't let coaches say you just aren't good enough. Don't even let parents tell you that they wish you were different. If you hear those things, I'm so very sorry. I pray that the Lord's voice would scream in the gentle whisper of the most loving Heavenly Father that you, my precious girls, were made with purpose and just as every fingerprint is unique to that individual, you too are unique to Your Creator.

Rest in your uniqueness today...knowing that God has great purpose for your life. Your fingerprint is just lovely! Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

kanakuk ashley robbins / ashley@kanakuk.com

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