Friday, April 22, 2011

Meet the Team of 2011: Sarah...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
She's new, she's a dancer, she's an aggie...It's Sarah Schwandt (did you get the superman type intro I was giving her! No? Oh, okay.) 

Sarah Schwandt will be joining the 2011 Leadership team for the girls' side. Wooohoo! I had Sarah as a kamper in dance specialty (side note: she could have run the specialty as a kamper, like I could teach her diddle-e-squat). She is overseas right now and so was not at leadership weekend; therefore, I don't have much random current information on her presently. BUT...never fear. I will make some up.

She loves meadows and dancing. She is a be.aut.i.ful dancer. Seriously. She obviously likes sequins and tassles from the pic below. She has an awesome family and cool mom who takes her on cool trips. She is an Aggie (please don't everyone woop at me...i hate that). She is a sorority girl and just so happens to be a Chi Omega...we therefore are sisters. She is a texas girl and again I forgive her of that too. (just kidding, sort of, but please don't leave comments about my knock on texas. For goodness sake you get to fly your flag even with the USA flag isn't that enough). Her religion on facebook states: He died for me. I love for Him. Yep, she's legit. She likes peanut m&ms. Because of that I like her even more. 
Be Awesome & Love Jesus, 

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photos: Sarah's facebook page

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