Friday, April 1, 2011

My Favorites...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Well, I am just a blank today with anything inspirational, serious or so super cool. So when I am at a loss I usually just share my fav things. So enjoy. 

1. Plush Owl from Etsy. How cute is this! I love any cartoon owls right now! It might have a subconscious twist because I was a Chi Omega and owls are our mascot. 

2. These headbands are magical! I wear them literally almost dear friend makes these and not to unveil my thoughts but they might be seen very often on my head this summer...

3. Kleenex. I have allergies like crazy so kleenex are the fav in our house right now. I love this little kleenex cover i found. But the favorite is the kleenexes. 

4. iPad 2...hey bill gates...HAHA! Just kidding! I have learned my lesson! The iPad 2...sidenote: will they just keep numbering stuff and so someday (like in a month) we will have the iPhone 476. Ponder that? I don't have one but it's just in my dreamy mcdreamy world!
5. Etsy. I. AM. OBSESSED. I love etsy with a passion. I wish to be friends with all my favorite designers/artists/creative souls.

6. Subway Flatbread Western Egg Deal. Yum. Mey. I put honey mustard and it is delicious. I make these at home now. Actually this is what I'm going to have for lunch. Oh, I'm hungy now...

Do you have any favorites I need to know about? Fill me in girls...

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,  

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