Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 7...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Parents,
Okay, so it's June 8th and I'm just now doing June 7th...oh, please forgive me! We have so many NEW (new means awesome!) programs at K2 that it is leaving this director with little time to blog! But trust me I am hitting a good stride of "normal" days coming so the blog is back at priority...1. The Lord, 2. My hubby, 3. My kids, 4. THE BLOG...just kidding, your kiddos come next!

Devo: Mark. Each day will have a "tagline" of sorts. So the actual study was focused on "of faith, favor, frankness, forgiveness and fortitude."

Morning: Normal Periods 1-3 of each individual schedule.

Afternoon: Normal Periods 4-6 of each individual schedule.

Night: WARBALL! We had the ultimate Warball showdown. If you don't know what warball is it's basically dodgeball but more awesome! I'm sure that is clear to each of you! Haha! It's so much fun! We have an official bracket of a tournament of Kickapoos versus Kiowas. The girls are all in their tribal colors of blues, yellows, reds and some blacks. It's so much fun! We even have our staff gals dress up too! We play a tourney and then we have  the kamper versus staff game. I must say the staff LOVE this night. It's all in good fun though! I think the staff won again this year...we have some athletes! I sadly and I know the staff really missed me athletically was not able to play but they won anyways...I JOKE! Trust me, I joke! I am 100% awful at warball!

June 8th is all new and going to be AWCREPIC!
Window to their World,

kanakuk ashley robbins

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