Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Term 45/4 Parents,
It has just been gorgeous here today! I love Wednesdays because of the new POD day we have around here. If you forget what POD days are you can look back to any of the Wednesday blog entries.

Devo: Galations...FREEDOM!

Morning: Morning POD choice of each kamper. Sorry this is a short info day. Treetops was cabins 1 and 2.

Afternoon: Afternoon POD choice of each kamper.

Night: K-LIFE TONIGHT! Dr. Joe White will be bringing a powerful message about Purity! What an impactful night we are praying for this to be. I'm actually headed up there now to watch the end and to pray that hearts would be moved to know how priceless each one of the girls (and guys for that matter) are in that gym tonight. To know they are so valuable to the Lord Almighty and that to stay pure is SO WORTH IT! No matter their past or present that God loves them unconditionally! It's a powerful night so please be praying for your daughter to ALWAYS know her TRUE worth is immeasurable.

Window to their World,

kanakuk ashley robbins

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