Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Term 45/5 Parents,
Almost caught up...and pictures are coming!

Devo: I & II Thessalonians...Stand Fast.

Morning: Normal morning of periods 1-3. Treetops was cabins 5 and 6.

Afternoon: Normal afternoon of periods 4-6.

Trips: Girls cabins 3 & 4 were at K-Wet today.

Night: WOAHMAN Night! Let me explain "woahman." It's a term that basically means that the Lord looks at each gal and says "woah" b/c He created them wonderfully. So instead of "woman" we say "woahman." So tonight is just girls night and each UC (unit coordinator who is in charge of 4 cabins each) plans a fun night. I think I know what most of the units did:
Cabins 1-5: umm...I can't remember.
Cabins 6-10: umm...I can't remember this either...goodness you can tell my blonde momness is really coming out after being gone a day. So sorry!
Cabins 11-14: They went to the dock and had smores and did some praise and worship.
(all Term 5 kids then came up to go to Joe's Creation talk. He always wants both set of 14 nighters to hear the creation message. it's awesome under the stars!)
Cabins 15-20: They I think had movie night with a fun game before hand...I think :)

I promise we knew where all kampers were tonight! I was having some AWESOME conversations with some AWESOME parents and didn't get a chance to be out and about tonight! But I promise there was planned, monitored activities. I'm just laughing at myself at this point! Please be laughing at or with me too! :)

Window to their World,

kanakuk ashley robbins

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