Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hey K2 Kanakuk Friends,
BOOTS...I want need some boots! I am just a sucker for a good, cognac no heel, big circumference for calves boot. Anyone else? No...weird.

Fall just brings out the shoe-aholic in me to just love boots. No heels (sorry just a personal thing there...running after 2 little ones in 4 inch boot heels = not attractive or practical.). I just love them. At a football game I went to that is what I did while tailgating...just looked at people boots...not in a creepy way. In a "no, not quite those" or "don't want dark brown cuz then i can't wear with grey and black" or "those are perfect except oh, wait, my calf musles are close to don ford's size." That was my day.

Anyone have a favorite pair they would like to share? I found my new planner by asking so I'm going to start asking...remember I might have a smaller budget than the average American for fall boots.

Be awesome & Love Jesus, 

kanakuk ashley robbins


Anne said...

Hey Ashley!
I hope you are doing great! Matt and I are living in Spain this year while he plays pro ball - crazy! We miss Kanakuk!
Anyway, I found some really cute flat boots at Ross Dress for Less for $12.99 if you have one of those stores nearby. Or TJ Maxx. I hope you find some, good luck!

Ashley Robbins said...

anne! crazy! you are in spain!!! we miss you and matt too and thanks for the tip! you are so great!