Friday, October 7, 2011

It's Okay...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Friends,
How much do I adore this print from Etsy above? (Side Note: how obsessed on a scale of 1-10 am I of Etsy? 500 Bazillion). I think as I typed up the "slow down" blog post I love writing just little gems. Little sparkle gems for you to put in your little pockets of your heart and to maybe remember them.

So mistakes...I by no stretch of the imagination am asking for you to be a grace abuser (def: someone who knows Jesus, knows of His grace but accepts Him and then doesn't change. lives life for herself. like joe's crosstalk this summer when he talked about being a punt returner that always waved for fair catch.) in that you make mistakes knowingly and freely just to live how you want to. I am talking about being so scared to make a mistake because it means you aren't perfect. It would mean you don't have everything together. It would mean you need Jesus just as much as the next girl. It's okay my sweet friends to not have it together at all times. Goodness, as I type I am in grey sweats, grey large tshirt and my face has salt on it from running earlier at which point I felt like dying. There is a roast bubbling in the crock pot but it's not quite thickening like I thought so it's just grey water around it. I have pink little sweatpants that have, well pee, on them from a certain little secondborn hung on the washer needing to wash. My bed is made but my closet has clothes all up on the floor in there. I am still needing to finish a project that was due last week for Kanakuk (sorry Trish) and I have nothing red to wear for the Arkansas Game this weekend which is on my mind more than should be appropriately so. Having life all together at all times would be so...boring.

So that summation of my day (really just this hour) I am a hot mess. I don't just make mistakes, my life is usually a big mistake where I realize I NEED Jesus so much. It's like stupid that He loves me so so much for all my heaps of mistakes, craziness, and quirks...but He loves me even in lots of grey.

Be awesome & love Jesus, 

kanakuk ashley robbins

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