Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Parents,
What a glorious day! Seriously! It has been one of those days where I truly stand back HUMBLED to get to work at this place...lives and hearts are changing and it's amazing!

Devo: Esther 5:1-14
Verse of the Day: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17

Morning: normal morning of periods 1-3.

Afternoon: normal afternoon of classes.

Trips: Cabin 19 and 20 girls come back tonight (usually they would have stayed the night but we have a party and POD day tomorrow which we like everyone back in kamp for)

Treetops: cabins 5 and 6.

Night: PARTY! Yeehaw!! It's our Wild, Wild West Party tonight. Honestly I missed this party last time due to time off and am actually leaving tonight again so I'm not 100% what all they do...I know it involves 2 steppin', Joe White teaching some line dances, root beer, cobbler, and some good ole country music!

Window to their World,

kanakuk ashley robbins

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