Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 7...

Hey K2 Parents,
I'm almost there...woohooo!!! I'm missing lunch (just kidding, I'll eat I promise!) I just feel awful that I'm just now catching up and it's June 9th. Thanks for baring with me...

Devo: Esther 2:15-23
Verse of the Day: Luke 2:52

Morning: Normal morning periods 1-3.

Afternoon: Normal morning periods 4-6.

Treetops: Cabins 4, 5, and 6 all went through today.
Trips: Cabins 11 and 12 took off for lots of lake stuff and the challenge course at K-Wet.

Night: MOVIE NIGHT. One of the fav nights of the kampers...and ME! I love it b/c it is just a relaxing night. They all come into the girls gym with appropriate "pajamas" that are basically just shorts and tshirts or sweats as the gym has air conditioning...and we watched Lion King. It was a blast! We had sweet tea and no bake cookies! Yummy!! Don't worry we had other options for kids that are allergic to peanut butter. The girls had a blast and the staff didn't mind it either! (I wore a moo moo gown...over my normal clothes of course! It was quite comfortable being that I'm 5.5 months preggo!)

Window to their World,

kanakuk ashley robbins

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