Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Parents,
Is it really July 22?? What in the world! We will be seeing some of you (the 14 Night Term 4 parents) in less than a week...what in the world?

Devo: Sunday. No devo book.
Verse of the Day: Sunday. No classes that need verse of the day.

Morning: Again, our Sundays are routine but AWESOME! They sleep in, have optional breakfast, I'm 3rd Sunday with Dr. Joe White, and coffee cake. What a morning!

Afternoon: We are still in the middle of our party so we are mixing a bit of the party with a water Sunday. We have the candidates going around campaigning but also every water thing is open. Both waterslides, slip-n-slide, pool, sprinklers in the road, sprinklers in the hoop-t-do, and sno cones of course! It will be a blast as they can chill and hang out but also play (oh and if kids want to play tennis or basketball they can).

Trips: none.
Treetops: none

Night: PARTY CONTINUES! We are still rocking the Presidential Campaign party! Tonight we have voting and a huge rally to announce the winner and then another awecrepic dance party! This one is nuts! We dance and dance and the kids love it! We are in our K-Dome and they just dance, dance, and dance some more! They love it! We have choreographed dances to most of the rap songs and it is such a blast! One thing you can do as a family is get the songs we play (which I honestly am so not musically trendy I don't even know who they are) and spend a night learning the dances from K2...even the boys do them! They are so great!

Window to their World, 

kanakuk ashley robbins

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