Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 9...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Parents,
(I'll be posting on closing ceremony schedule asap and July 10...TOMORROW prayerfully is catch up day a bit).

Devo: Esther 9:1-19
Verse of the Day: Psalm 46:1-2:10

Morning: normal morning of classes.

Afternoon: normal afternoon of classes.

Trips: Girls cabin 17-18 are at K-Wild and cabins 11 and 12 are at K-Wet.
Treetops: Cabins 15 and 16.

Night: MOVIE NIGHT! We ended up tweeking our schedule as it was supposed to be CrossTalk but the weather made us tweek that. So movie night it was! The girls love this night!!!!!!!! We watched Beauty and the Beast and had no bake cookies...yummy yummy! Seriously! I was up quite a bit due to the chocolate and sugar in those little baby (the one in the tummy) was up and so was I! Hysterical!

Okay...more posts to come.

Window to their World, 

kanakuk ashley robbins

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