Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 4...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Parents,
Well, it continues to be an amazing term...I did forget to mention we had quite the storm blow through on Wednesday (I blogged a bit ahead and so am just now getting to real time). Anyways, we had 3 rounds of hail in a matter of 2 hours. All kids were safe and are safe but if your child was on the lake/dock it was pretty crazy. But again all is safe and Joe, Shay and the dock daddies were AMAZING!!!!! It was like a well oiled team out there that was working to risk, well, risk safety of themselves for all the kampers in the middle of the lake. It was just amazing to see afterwards how the Lord preserved us! We had some branches down but none hit cabins or people. It cooled kamp down a bit and again everyone is safe!

Devo: Genesis 50:20, Deuteronomy 23:5, Psalm 30:11, Romans 8:28
Verse of the Day: Romans 8:28

Morning: normal morning of classes 1-3.

Afternoon: normal morning of classes 4-6.

Trips: Cabins 9 and 10 are at K-Wet.
Treetops: Cabins 11 and 12.

Night: K-LIFE TONIGHT! The best speaker in the whole world! Shay Robbins!!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I'm a bit biased and super jazzed up as I have had 2 amazing conversations of kampers asking great questions about's just amazing! Anyways, tonight Shay is talking about discipleship. It's going to be great...

1 week! What!!!!!

Window to their World, 

kanakuk ashley robbins

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