Monday, November 25, 2013

What I Wish I Could Tell My Teenager Self about...FAMILY...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Friends,
Wouldn't it be incredible if we could look back on life and go back to our teenage self, college self, young mother self and tell us some valuable things that we needed to know at the time. Before you get all emotional that I am going to tell you all these valuable things...make sure we are defining valuable correctly. Valuable may just be simple tips, funny ramblings or deep theological statements. Prepare yourself. Today I thought I would post on what I would tell me teenage self about FAMILY...since Thanksgiving is just around the corner...

1. You are not Queen of the World...Your mom and dad and siblings were not put on this earth to revolve around you. Stop acting like they were. Go help your mom, make your bed, play with your siblings, and lay in your dad's lap and let him draw pictures on your back. You are a PART of the family.

2. Enjoy your mom...I was such a brat in high school. Don't get me wrong I was nice, polite and looked like a "good girl." But honey child to my momma I was a brat. She should have slapped me cross the head at least 3 times a day for my tone, my attitude and my all around mean spirit to her. It was just not nice. Moms and daughters during teenage years just battle...quit seeing your mom as an idiot and see her as the first person who would lay down her life for you and wants nothing but the best...even if your thoughts are different than hers. Sit down and talk to her, listen to stories and just be with her.

3. Learn from generations past...have you ever asked your grandma to tell her story? What she was like in high school? What was her favorite gift for Christmas when she was your age? How did she meet your grandpa? Oh such great questions and ones we must ask to the generations before us. Sit at her feet or your grandpa's feet and really listen. Be engaged with slow conversation, be aware of this life well lived. Just be with them...

4. Your siblings are your future best friends...what if we quit seeing family as forced and started to see them as our best friends. I love my brothers and come holidays they are the only folks I want to be with. Their family. PERIOD. Laugh with them, join in on video games to connect with them, play games (like board ones, or outside ones...not ones on your silly phones!)

5. PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE with your family. Oh, girls, please don't be those girls that misses being with their family b/c you are facebooking about how much you love your family and instagramming silly pictures of your family every other second...that means you are just on your phone the whole time. Make a pile of phone during the holidays (honestly I make our Kanakuk Institute "adopted" students do this when they come for dinner at our house) and take one pic and be done and be with them!

So there are 5 little tips...they might not go down in theological doctrine but I wish I would have known them (except was for your generation as I didn't have a cell phone till college).

Be awesome & Love Jesus,

kanakuk ashley robbins


Betsy Bolick said...

Love this Ashley! Miss and love you!

dee said...

Great stuff, Ashley! Thanks for sharing!