Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Carry a Mary Poppins' Purse...

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Hey Kanakuk Friends,
One of the best pieces of advice came from...well, I'm not sure...either past K1 directors Jennifer Farley or Callie Dolloff...they told me a kamp momma (you all truly have the best wisdom) shared with them that she always carries a fun game in her purse. And no, not your iPhone. An actual game. Cards or real buttons. She said she did it because she realized that sometimes her and her hubby weren't laughing enough together. So as they wait for dinner or sit and drink coffee together...they laugh. They game. can carry one around too in your hipster Kavu bags or what have you. Make your friends take a study break (that may last for hours). Teenagers do the same with your friends at lunch or Friday night Game Nights! It's cool...I promise.

This post is not sponsored for Spot It! cash or perks received. Betsy Boyce (full time Kanakuk Institute gal and K2 leadership friend) introduced me to it this summer and it's awesome. It's easy and intense and silly and fun. I would go around during lunch every once in a while and whisper..."Game on after lunch" to the leadership team and we would all meet in the leadership office and play a round. We ALWAYS had a consequence (ie: do a skit by yourself at backwoods, talk british all day, speak in 3rd person for our staff meeting, etc) for the person that lost! I would play with cabins of kampers or my staff small group. It is for 2-8 players and did I mention that it is so easy to play.

So I'm sure Spot It will have a spike in sales from this go grab a game. Here are some more fun ones I know of...

* Cards
* Go Fish
* Old Maid
* CatchPhrase (wouldn't fit in a clutch but most folks carry a bigger purse these days)
* Spot It! (it has all kinds of versions for young ones, character ones, sports leagues ones, etc)
* Simon (this is from my childhood and again would need a bigger purse but it's so fun...sort of loud beeps though)
* Bananagrams
* Deer in the Headlights (I have never played but I just bought this for my niece and nephew)
* Would You Rather Card Game
* Heads Up! (this is a phone app. I saw a family at Big Cedar playing it and it's so fun. It's interactive. The phone is simply taking the place of a card. So you aren't just staring at the screen you are interacting like charades. p.s. It's free right now. I just downloaded it.)
* Don't Say It (haven't played. looks small online for a purse)
* Pass the Pigs
* Mad Gab cards (hysterical!!!!)

I'm sure there are literally hundreds more but hopefully this is a great start list. Let's be families and husband/wives that we don't just sit at a table with phones out (seriously it's my biggest pet peeve! Put them down!) but that we are engaged and interacting. Don't even bring your phones (okay, I did put one phone game on the list but it's interactive people!) and pull out your Mary Poppins' bag and watch in awe as laughter starts and memories begin!

Side note...sometimes as a mom I do feel like my bag truly is a Mary Poppins bag...who knows what in there?

Adventure and Wonder,

kanakuk ashley robbins
Summer Camp is the best!

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