Saturday, August 1, 2009

July 31...

Hey Kanakuk Moms and Dads,
Well today is changeover. Term 3/5 becomes Term 3/'s a weird day of emotions. Our counselors say bye to one group and hello to the next in a matter of 5 hours! It's nuts but awesome!

Term 5 Parents...thanks for checking in on the blog for 2 weeks. Please know that during the year (after kamp) I will write to both parents, staff, and kampers (obviously focusing on teenage issues, fun stuff about life, random things about life mostly; but hopefully every once in a while I'll do something serious about parenting...from other sources as I am not an expert at all!)

Term 3 Parents...2 more weeks! I know you are missing your girls! I took all the 25 day girls to White Water today! It was a blast! It's a great water park in Branson and it's a fun relax chill day for the gals and guys!

Term 6 Parents...I doubt you are checking this yet because I haven't sent out the email to tell you about this blog but if you are! Welcome and enjoy! It's just a little snapshot into the world of K2!

Night: K-LIFE TONIGHT. We are officially term 3-6 now! Term 6 gals came in with a ton of energy and we are just so excited! Shay Robbins, the K2 Men's Director and fabulous husband, is speaking tonight on a message that I love! It's about David's Mighty Men and talking to kids about Eleazor (one of the mighty men from scripture...1 Samuel 22, I think). It's an amazing message that I absolutely love to hear...for me and prayerfully for each teenage heart! The message is called "Recipe for a Revolution." It's awesome! God truly speaks through him as he takes kids through scripture!

Window to their World,
Kanakuk Ashley Robbins

p.s. Promise promise some fun pics are coming soon!

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