Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Memphis to Nashville...and more...

Hey friends,
Okay, I must admit my posts are not all that fun but I just have very very limited time while on the road to see you girls and families. I love traveling for Kamp and it is such a great time of adventure for Shay and I and whoever we happen to be with that week. This week we are with Will & Cindy Cunningham (the K-Kauai directors, that's our family kamp) and it has been a blast. At this moment Will is doing the Mom's Coffee and I am catching up on blogging...why not? Anyways, prayed for you girls today...prayed for your heart to love Jesus more each day.

We are in Memphis and headed to Nashville today. From there we are in Little Rock, AR Wednesday night and then Conway, AR (Kris Allen's hometown and Jordan Short's town) on Thursday. Woohoo! Then Shay and I are staying in Arkansas to get time with my parents and their church! It's going to be a crazy week with lots of fun people! Hope if you are in one of those towns that you will come by...all details for whens and wheres are HERE.
Be awesome & love Jesus,

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