Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Look at being on the Road...

Hey friends,
Well, Shay and I are officially off the road for 1 week...well, and I'm officially off the road till January b/c I'm too close to our due date. Girls, this baby is due in 4 weeks....AHHH!! (that's me screaming somewhat out of panic and mostly out of joy/excitement).

We have been on the road with Kay Holliday, Keith Chancey (you gotta check out the Kanakuk Institute) and Will & Cindy Cunningham. We have had a ball! Lots of laughter, prayer, great conversation, and deeper friendships. We have been able to see and meet Kanakuk families that have been just incredible to be with even just for a few hours.

I am back in the office soon and have lots to catch up on. I'm sorry if you have emailed and haven't heard from me. I promise to email soon.

Be awesome & love Jesus,

Keith Chancey sharing with mom's in one of the towns we were in...
Shay Robbins in his "Tommy" costume. We did a skit together where we have written the 2010 kamp theme song...
Shay and I in our outfits for "Tommy & Tina Meatballs." We were an italian couple who had the next kamp theme..."DON'T forget about it."

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