Friday, October 29, 2010

2 Buttons for Parenting...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals & PARENTS,
Hopefully there are still some parents who check this crazy blog since the summer when summer was all to you all. Today is for both parents and girls. As I have watched our firstborn begin to grow, gain more independence with crawling and more spunk with her faces and wants I have thought so much about parents.

Girls, I promise you that parents (again, from my 11 months of trial of this whole parenting thing) would love for their to be a button that in every day situations, hard situations, confusing situations that they could just push the all knowing, perfectly solution finding EASY button. Already with an 11 month old, I wish there was an easy button that as you labored for your child the button just came right out with each one too. That would be amazing and slightly odd...but you know what I mean. Girls, your parents, even at their worst most unconnected to you stage, desperately love you and are just trying to navigate this world of teenage junk and prayerfully have a daughter that not only survives but thrives in knowing the Lord, knowing her security, and knowing her giftings. Oh, to have an EASY button...amen from any parents! I am sure some are staring at this screen screamin' "PREACH SISTER." No, oh, okay?

But girls, sadly the button that we as parents get (again, 11 months is the fullness of my knowledge) a lot of the days is the PANIC button. We have a panic button in our tongues, our hearts, our bodily movements. So when you come home and want to go to a party that "everyone" is going to we just say, "No, because I said so" out of pure panic. If we had the handy dandy easy button we would sit down and listen to why you wanted to go, would parents be there, what type of things would be going on, and allow you to share, listen and then ask for you to hear us out on our side. We would ask (party in this example is not a good party like with hats and hayrides) if this party truly was a place Jesus would love to return and see you at. Ohh!! Such a squashing question of questionable at that point would see our side and although sad would in your heart know that your parents had just pressed the easy button instead of the panic button. Another example, you come home and really want to major in college in Art & Literature while your dad/mom have pushed the business world for a very long time. Your parents might press the panic button and say they will not pay for college if you major in this crazy, ain't no jobs in Art & Lit that pay more than $2 an hour. You at that point calmly ask your parents what is it that scares them for you to major and work in the area that you are passionate and more than that the Lord has gifted you in? Ohh! Good question teenage daughter! Your parents then get to hear your excitement and dreams and know that the Lord has placed those things on your heart and get to say..."ya know what, we want to support the heart the Lord has placed in you. We do want you to have a job but maybe it's something we couldn't have scripted...only God can. So we'll pay!" WOOHOO!

Okay, cheesy examples (and quite long)...absolutely. But parents and girls you both (again, I'm learning this even now with an 11 month old and by no means want to come across as having it figured out...just typing here to the world wide web some thoughts) have to withhold your hand from slamming down the panic button in fear, doubt, out of control. etc and allow yourself to hit the easy button but stopping, asking Jesus to meet you there, and listening to each other.

So go my K2 girls and awesome K2 parents...begin to switch buttons in your home from panic responses of the flesh to spirit responses of the heart. I have to end with this...well, that was easy!
Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

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