Friday, October 22, 2010

Favorite Things Friday...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
I don't know if this will be a weekly post but I found this oh-so-cute sign for Favorite Things Friday and had to use it! Enjoy my favorite things as of now...cue Julie Andrews singing "these are a few of my favorite things..."

1. Yankee Candles...well, any candles! I pretty much always have 1 candle lit in our kitchen for smell goodie, atmosphere and just it's pretty. My fav scents are fruity or clean scents. Presently I have early sunrise in the Robbins kitchen.

2. Great Value Foccacia Crust Pepperoni. I am a bit double sided as the Walmart in Branson has like started stocking weird variations of their Great Value pizzas...what happened to foccacia pepperoni people? So yummy! 3. Good 'ole Saturday morning garage sales. I went 2 weeks ago and found 2 clean, smoke free Vera Bradley large totes for $15.00. Woohoo!!
4. DIY Magazine. (DIY = Do It Yourself). Jennifer Farley got me hooked on this magazine! Again, lots of projects I want to do and some maybe I will actually do! :)
5. Amy Butler Fabric...or any fun fabric. We have an AMAZING fabric store in Springfield that I can spend 3 hours in each really, I really do spend 2-3 hours when I go. OBSESSED.
6. IKEA in general (went for my first time 2 week changing!). But specifically these desk trestles that I would love for a desk (with a tabletop of course!). Woohoo! Need a real desk as opposed to our dining room table. 7. You all should know this one...ETSY. I am officially the president of Etsy fan club borderline crazy obsessed with this site. I embrace my obsession and am okay with it! Just love all those crafty people out there!
8. Woven Baskets! Of any color, texture, brand...I love them! These below are from Ikea! I would love these for our laundry room that someday will have a wood piece on top of our washer/dryer to put cute little baskets like this!Well, I am sure this just changed your life to know my favorite things for now. BUT seriously, what are your favs right now in your world? I am pretty focused on home stuff because I am still nesting in our home...but maybe you are focused on music stuff, clothes (surprise every teenage girl!), or athletic stuff. Whatever it is, what are your favs?
p.s. I wonder if I should send this blog post to Shay...Christmas ideas galore!
Be Awesome & Love Jesus,
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seriouslymere said...

just so you know...i've had a similar idea for a desk! i'm making mine into a craft table, but will probably end up using industrial saw horses (yellow metal : ) woohoo!) but IKEA has wooden ones in either natural or black finishes for $15...just saying...i took a pic of them when i was in dallas...i can email you that pic : )