Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Princess Within...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Oh, to wake up and be a princess...every girls dream right? Oh, come on, admit it! I mean "Princess Diaries" in real life would be just unbelievable...I wonder if it's ever really happened in real life! I'll google it...

Anyways, so why Princesses? I guess today I just wanted to do a random post (I am sure you are so devastatingly surprised) and just say how much fun it would be if we could still wear the ball gowns and have classy dances like balls. I have a friend, I won't mention names but she used to be a worship leader at K2 with her hubby, who is living out the dream by being a princess at a certain theme park that would have Disney Princesses! Ahh!! I mean how fun is that!!! Again, even if you are too cool for everything and think the Disney princesses are so lame-o, I really think deep down if given the chance with the dress, wig, makeup, and a day at the park to be the princess for all these little 3 year old precious smiling girls you would love it! We all would.

So today, just remember you are one! Quit trying to be 26 years old and all grown up with clothes, sunglasses, handbags and the latest boots...just be YOU! The princess He made you to be...and okay if every once in a while you throw on a tiara and a ball gown that's perfectly okay too! Haha!

(Side Note: I would for sure want to be Cinderalla...hello, blonde hair and blue dress to match my eyes...Which one for you?)

(Second Side Note: I just realized the title sounds very deep and heart deep...but it's just a random post on Disney Princesses...sorry for the let down. Hopefully you all laughed or smirked or reacted in some type of "oh she's cool" teenage way)

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

Kanakuk Ashley Robbins /
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jennaferwhite said...

Your "friend" seems uber-awesome! And you'd make a BEAUTIFUL Cindy!!! Those tiny tots would love to give you millions of hugs!

Unknown said...

Nice post. Indeed, we are all made to be princesses for we have a King for God!Amen. Nice blog. love it!