Monday, October 4, 2010

Thank You's...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals!
How is everyone this lovely (well, it's lovely here in Branson! Crisp, fall morning that has evolved into a glorious sunshine-y day!) day? I hope you all had wonderful weekends. I feel like most of you might be having Homecoming dances. I hope you all keep dances like this in if you didn't have a date! I promise you, you will make it through the next 4 years! Promise! Click HERE to read a post about dance dates I wrote last year. Anyways, I hope if you went to Homecoming or not, you girls are doing great this fall semester as you hit the somewhat half way point in the semester. Keep loving Jesus and know of His love each day!

Well, so Thank You cards! Why, Ashley do you have a picture of Thank You cards? Well, last night as Shay watched the Chicago Bears (yikes, it was a tough night for Bears fans!) with his dad and brother I sat at the table forcing myself to write and complete the rest of my thank you's from having our precious girl/gifts/etc. Oh, my goodness, I laughed at myself when I was done because our firstborn is about to turn 1 and we are having another one. I am so late and I was so embarrassed but one statement that rang true...better late than never.

I realize the medium of "snail mail" is maybe a dying art form but I was raised that as quick as someone does something for you or a gift is received you sit you tooshy down and get out the note card to say thank you. God Bless Momma Medlin (that would be my mom!) for this deep embedded lesson in my soul.

So today girls...get out a cute note card and write a thank you card to your teacher (gasp! no way ashley! yes, girls, your teacher would love a thank you card), momma, sister, older brother, person who sent you to kamp, counselor, friend, or whomever to simply say thanks for something they did for you. It will melt their little hearts! Promise!

Oh, and there are cute thank you cards on (I should be making money from Etsy with all the promotion I give that website :)...maybe one day!

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

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Anonymous said...

I totally and completely agree!! I work with the youth at my church and I just got done writting 35 letters to each. Just to think how special each of them are to our youth group and a hand written note shows that! Love this <3